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HERO IoT Goes Live!

    Enter 2021, the year where we will hopefully defeat COVID-19. But that’s not the only event that will go down in history. This is also the year that HERO IoT sees the light! After gaining experience for several employers, we have decided to start our own business in IoT Consultancy.

    While working for our previous employer, we saw that there is a growing number of IoT solutions on the market as well as a growing number of businesses that need to start using IoT in order to stay relevant or be able to compete in the market. But in between those two things there is a gap.

    Finding the right IoT solution for your business is a challenging exercise, especially when you are not familiar with all the aspects of IoT and the available solutions. Having an independent partner that knows the IoT market and how to navigate an IoT implementation will help you to kickstart your IoT project while saving valuable time on exploring the IoT market, doing research and choosing the right supplier for your case.

    Thats how HERO IoT was born. Our love for technology, experience in implementing IoT solutions and network of vendors enables us to be that independent IoT partner. We can help with the full traject, from defining the business needs to prototyping, to proof-of-concept, to coordinating a full scale implementation. Our experience ranges from doing custom IoT product development, device selection, platform selection and platform implementation.

    Interested? Let’s have a chat and see how IoT can help your business!