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What we do

Strategy development

A successful IoT project starts with a strong IoT strategy. We help you develop a roadmap to navigate your business in the world of connected devices.

Proof of Concept

Have an idea but don’t know if it will bring you what you’re looking for? We build you a proof of concept that verifies your idea and turns it in a true diamond!

Scale up!

Rolling out an IoT solution at scale requires domain expertise and know-how. We have experience in large scale rollouts and know what it means to connect thousands of devices.


Smart Building

smart building iot

Construction Dryer

Level Management

Get started

Idea pitch

You pitch your idea on how to add IoT to your business and we draft a prototype-concept within 48 h.

Cash for Change

Your idea needs a little support to come to life? We help you find subsidies and get you started in the world of IoT.

Interim Project Management

Successful digitalisation projects need vision and hard work make a real impact. We help you combine and direct both.