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Accelerate IoT Deployment: Sensor to Cloud Without Development

    Seamlessly Integrate Real-World Data into Your Software with Our IoT Gateway

    Key Benefits

    • SaaS Model: Pay-as-you-go with easy-to-use APIs
    • Rapid Integration: Quickly connect and deploy IoT devices
    • Scalable Onboarding & Management: Effortlessly grow your IoT ecosystem
    • Zero Development: Simplify IoT integration without coding

    Key Features

    • Device Profile Management: Customize and manage device settings
    • Device Installation App: Streamline installation with a user-friendly app
    • Downlink Handling: Efficiently manage communication from the cloud to devices
    • Metadata for Asset Management: Create digital twins for improved asset tracking
    • Visualization Tools: Monitor and analyze data with intuitive dashboards
    • Rule Engine: Automate actions based on predefined rules and conditions
    • Integrations: Connect with popular platforms and tools for seamless operation