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Novodi – Kickstart your digital transformation

Software that allows your company to do more and to do it faster.

How are you supposed to digitize if you only just have enough capacity to run your core business?! Novodi is your digital transformation manager: What do you get with which digitization idea? – When should we implement which idea? – Who can help us?

Sign up for one of the 20 pioneer spots and get:

A Novodi (beta) company account
Personal project support through HERO IoT
Feedback and a say in the Novodi development roadmap

For 6 months: €8000 €5000

How it works

Make the right decisions

Go from innovative idea to project. Cost benefit – for your company – of a solution can be determined in just a few clicks: Make good decisions based on information relevant to you.

preview of project decision matrix

Get inspired

Forget online research, demos and sellers. Relevant innovations that professionals are already using in the real world at a glance.

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Professionals for Professionals

Simple project management with clear goals as a basis: do it yourself or implement it with external professionals. The experts are ready.

Digitization solution marketplace

Not sure if this is what you need?

Arrange a demo appointment and we will discuss the first solutions that will bring you 5-digit cost savings.