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IoT cloud platform for Bredenoord

    Bredenoord is a mobile energy rental company and owns a large fleet of assets such as generators, batteries, mobile solar plants, fuel tanks, distribution boxes and more. As a rental company, there is a big operational and logistic component to the business. And with assets out on remote locations, it’s… Read More »IoT cloud platform for Bredenoord

    Level Management

      Measuring level helps managing processes and more information usually means a higher degree of control over resources. In this case we’ll cover the basics in level management and how IoT can contribute to more efficient planning and operations. The problem: Refueling of mobile or decentral tanks is a typical problem… Read More »Level Management

      Construction Dryer

        Buildings like our homes should be dry to ensure comfortable living and avoid damages. During the construction process or caused by a leakage, walls, foundations or even insulating layer might get wet and require drying. The drying process can be made more efficient and reliable by remote monitoring using IoT… Read More »Construction Dryer

        smart building iot

        Smart Building

          With COVID-19, monitoring indoor climates has never been as important as today. Wether it’s a school or a public place, organisations need to be in control of the air quality. Smart sensors are the ultimate solution to monitor the CO2, temperature, humidity and light to get a picture of the… Read More »Smart Building